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What is Click it pictures ? How do they work ?


A clueless student of  BE electrical engineering  made up his mind to be a wildlife photographer like a Bollywood movie. But turned out to be a multitasker and passionate professional as well.


Now living the dream venture named  "Click it Pictures".

As I have worked with many corporate firms & having a good enough experience accomplishing on floor tasks,I am expanding my dream to the next level.

Kindly checkout our new service providing solutions for multipurpose demands from the market itself.

Mindset of  the new generation

There is rarely any criteria where our professionals don't fit.

Let it be about manpower in commercial field or individual artists handling big events.We are always ready to provide the best quality service.

We believe that working in a 9-5 job can be creative if you get comfortable ambience.That's why our  young digital artists (designers & editors) never fail to deliver their passionate touch in their professional work.

We are the bunch of art enthusiasts  who knows how to go big and easy in our career span.

With a bit of corporate touch of management our work efficient team of professionals is the combination of employees and artists.That means you get the office management with art ! 

Isn't that cool?

The only team to provide the fastest  & satisfactory output under clients deadline.

Due to some bad experiences ,we've refunded a few clients but thats why our "Likh ke Do" policy is for.

As it sounds, it means the same. 

We take care of the requirements on paper also, so that any kind of miscommunication or dispute can be avoided easily and help our clients as well.



This is KRUTARTH DHARMENDRA BHATT    from Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

Founder of click it pictures.

Diploma in fashion photography .

Studied photography in Mumbai, National Institute of Photography.

Creatively keen to learn everyday life in stills & movements as well.

Working in Visual Media Industry for past 7 years.

Here are some roles I've played/playing in my professional life.

  1. Event photographer 

  2. Fashion/Commercial photographer

  3. Cinematographer

  4. DOP (Director of photography)

  5. Artist coordinator 


Currently working as a filmmaker & business developer  in Gujarati Film industry.

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